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To quote the Chairman of the Board: "And now, the end is near, and so I face the final curtain..."

Gather 'round kids, and...

... Oh fuck it, they can't fire my happy ass now. I worked for Gas City, a local gas station company.  (Most of the TotP!s were written from my lovely experiences working for them for 13+ years.) And after nearly a year of trying to stay alive though hemorrhaging money like a mofo, Gas City went belly-up last month.  (I now work for one of the companies that picked up their stores. Which shall remain nameless so I can keep paying my bills.)

So to all of those STILL bitching about Gas City's rewards cards/car wash cards/gift cards three weeks after the closing:

Gas City issued those cards. They are no longer in existence. Gone, dead, no more, status code 410, *boom* headshot, didn't have tits so they got the fuck out. And we are no longer Gas City, but someone else now. We're under no obligation, legal or otherwise, to honor those cards. Hell, we can't even check to see what's on them. Besides, we were telling everyone to burn off points/washes/money from the cards more than a month prior to the closing. Plus the year prior when we were constantly running out of product/smokes/GAS, so it's not like it's something that happened completely out of the blue. (Though we have regulars that are not only surprised that we're a different company now, but WHEN it happened.)

In short: There is nothing we can do for you now. YOU chose to ignore the warnings, so YOU fucked yourself.

And good luck trying to find another Gas City so you can turn in your cards. Tell me if you do. Also, if you truly knew the now former owner, you would've know this shit was going down a while back.

-RJ, "And threating to never come back does nothing to me and will get you nothing, for I work wage and not commission."

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motorbike customers = hell

Now don't get me wrong, there are people who ride motorbikes that aren't bad-tempered morons, but they sure as hell don't live in my suburb.

I just had one guy come to fill up who fit the bill perfectly. When he pulled up and tried to fill straight away, I asked him to dismount. For most people, that's the end of it. Most get off the bike, kick up their stand and get on with it.

Now, this is not a policy that is unique to my work. Every service station has this policy. The difference is that we actually tell people to adhere to it, as we can be liable if something happens and we didn't remind them.

This guy however had a massive chip his shoulder. He storms in and starts going on about how he has to straddle the bike because he "doesn't have a stand", and that he's never been told to dismount at any other servo.

As he's ranting, I look out to the bike, which is standing up by itself. If he didn't have a stand, how the hell was it standing? It definitely wasn't leaning against the pumps.

Right, I thought. Hard-ball time.

I explain, very calmly, that company policy states that no motorbike is allowed to be filled while the rider is mounted. If the rider tilts too far and the bike falls on them, they are likely to spill the fuel on themselves. On top of that, the fuel is so flammable that one spark could ignite them as well as the fumes in the air. Something so simple can easily turn into a catostrophe.

He stares at me for a second before completely disregarding what I've just said. "If it's about ID, then here!" And he slams his drivers licence down on the bench.

"I'm sorry sir," I say as politely as I can, "but I can't allow you to fill your bike while mounted, as it's just too unsafe." Not even halfway through my sentence, he picks up his ID and storms out.

Thinking that was the end of it, I go to serve the lady that has just walked in. A few minutes later he storms back in, stops just inside the door, and yells: "This wouldn't be a problem if I had a stand, but I don't." Then he storms out again, gets on his bike and speeds off.

If he'd come in and calmly explained that he didn't have a stand (though he clearly did), I would probably have made an exception. Instead, he decided to be an ass, and ended up with no fuel. I wonder if he'll ever realise that it's his loss, not mine.
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Minor rant.

For the love of everything, quit smoking around the gas pumps! Not only is it against the fire code and state law, but it's common freaking sense. You know: Gas fumes + source of ignition = fire. And those 20,000 gallon pipe bombs my ass is hovering over for eight hours a day is not something I want fire near.

... No, this was not enacted with the smoking ban last year. The last time this law was played with was around the mid-Eighties. It is not a new thing. Now if you want to go out in a fuckawsome explosion, then by all means DO. Just do it when I'm not there.

(Seriously, the majority of people who I have to tell to put out the smoke before I can let them get gas cop an attitude. Like two minutes without nicotine will send them into heavy withdrawal.)

-RJ, "To a great man named Dave who's just moved on: Watch it, Jesus tends to roll 20's a lot."

Dear Customers

Please stop treating me like I'm stupid simply because I work at a service station!
You drive a car, you smoke, you need my ATM to get your coffee-fix from next door! Face it- you need me!
If you want to think I am dumb, I will continue to play dumb!
You can be blissful in your ignorance!!
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Tis the season not to read.

Gather 'round kids and... is that eggnog spiked? Because if it is, then thanks! It's needed, for it's another holly jolly Tales of the PAAAASTCollapse )

Side note: I'm supposed to wear a santa hat while at work. And yes, I wear a black santa hat. No, it's not because I'm a grinch, evil, an atheist, a special snowflake, or (as it was so lovingly put) "a fucking jew." There is only one reason why I wear a black santa hat...

Because I want to. Unless someone can show me a law stating it has to be red, then you can blow me... While I'm wearing my black santa hat. >D

- RJ, Merry Whatthefuckevermas.

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I find this simply amusing -and I wish it would happen to me!

BERLIN (Reuters) - A German man forgot his car after filling it up at a petrol station, police said Friday.
"He just forgot about it and walked off home," said a spokesman for police in the western city of Wuppertal.
After the car had sat blocking the pump for about an hour, a woman working at the petrol station became suspicious and alerted authorities.
Officers contacted the 63-year-old from Remscheid, who came straight back to fetch the vehicle. He had paid to fill up the car before walking off.
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Because I just need to do a straight up rant.

Dear co-workers of mine:

I don't mind working with y'all. Some of your are competent. Some of you are not. I can get past that. However, there is one thing that is irking me to no end...


Let's see, the last time I had a weekend DAY off was... May. I've had a total of ten weekend days off in the past two-and-a-half years, none of which were consecutive. The rest of you have at least one weekend day off EVERY FUCKING WEEK. Sometimes two. Hell, a couple of you had three of them over Labor Day weekend, while I worked ALL FOUR. And you still bitched.

And saying "But you've got such-and-such weekend off for drill!" does not count as OFF. I do my Army Reserve duty then, which means I have to get up at 4 in the morning to make it to first formation on time, and I'm lucky of I get home sometime between 6 and 7 at night. And then times that by two or three, depending on the weekend. It's still work, I'm just not working at the store.

So the next person who whines about having to work the weekend and has a Fri/Sat/Sun off is getting stabbed in the face with a sideways Gatorade bottle. And I will figure out a way to make it happen.

The choir you're preaching to,
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Don't use road signs as your lucky numbers.

o/` Rollin', rollin', rollin'... The lottery keeps on rollin'. Rollin' on over again, FUCK ME.

*ahem* Gather 'round kids, and let's put down our lucky balls for this Tales of the PAAAASTCollapse )

Odd thing: Lately I've been getting people walking into the store while we're still very much open, lights on, sign says open, the whole 9 yards... Then they ask me "... are you still open?"

I've gotten to the point where I'm going to start saying no just to see what happens.

- RJ, I'm a special snowflake... because I'm made of yellow snow. >)
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